5 ultra important components for Joomal!

Promise Ekoriko

Advanced Module Manager

b2ap3_thumbnail_boxamm.pngIf this list had ten items, the next four would also have been from this developer. No Number extensions are a thing of beauty. Elegant in design and fluid in execution of their services. Some years back when we started looking for better ways to design our Joomla! website, we stumbled upon No Number’s extensions by chance. Since then, Peter van Westens components have featured a lot in the sites we build. The module manager however, really stands out.

Joomla!’s default module exclusion options are somewhat limited. They are very, very limited and unfit for purpose. The AMM is really something. It allows you to control modules “they way it should be”. And there is truth in that statement. You can control where modules show up down to menu level, or operating systems, or browsers, or a host of other options that are available to you. You can even ensure that some modules only show up at certain times of the day.

What make AMM so good is that despite all of these exclusions, you do not suffer a performance penalty. As a matter of fact, when tested with the default module manager, AMM showed no visible performance penalties but it showed plenty of ingenuity and craft. This is a must have component for any serious Joomla! website.

You can download it free although there is a paid version with even more robust features. It’s available on the JED.

That concludes out list. What components do you think should be here? Do you use any of the components mentioned? Comments below.

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