5 ultra important components for Joomal!

Promise Ekoriko


b2ap3_thumbnail_xmap2-new-sitemap2.pngIf you are looking for any sort of sitemap functionaility, look no further than Xmap. Infact, Xmap is so good, that it is built into the latest version of Joomla! Xmap is a sitemap generation tool that allows you to create quick links based on menus and some components in your website.

It works with Joomla Contents, Virtuemart, Mosets tree amongst other extensions. It allows you to create dynamic sitemaps with priority settings and display them in html format for your users or xml format for site engines. You can even exclude menu items from any sitemap giving you full control.

Xmap again is free on the JED.

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    May 16, 2015

    5 ultra important components for Joomal! - GX5 Blogs • GX5 Services™

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