5 ultra important components for Joomal!

Promise Ekoriko

jQuery Easy

b2ap3_thumbnail_jquery-easy.pngWe couldn’t have this list without adding jQuery Easy into it. It simply wouldn’t be right. Many, many components come with really cool effects and with those effects come a price. Multiple calling of the jQuery library. jQuery is amazing and allows web developers to do amazing thing really quickly. But what happens when you are calling many different copies on page load? Well ……. ……. …….. Precisely!

You don’t want that, plus, it looks really untidy and could cause problems. This is where jQuery Easy comes in. In an ideal world where all your components were programmed to Joomla! standards, jQuery Easy would gobble up all those calls to jQuery libraries and simply offer you with one version of your choosing. This plugin is literally genius. It shed tons of valuable milliseconds off your page load and ensures your extensions that rely on jQuery are getting a clean working version. It’s even backwards compatible.

You can find jQuery Easy on the JED. Again, it’s absolutely free!

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