SPOTTED: Time to ‘blame’ someone on LinkedIn

Promise Ekoriko


I was attempting to log into my LinkedIn account today as usual when I spotted what seems to be a stray message on the home page. The message simply displays false on the top right hand corner on the homepage at

The message could have been human error if someone tried to test a feature and simply forgot to take it out or, it there really is an error on LinkedIn. It would be interesting to know what it is either way. The message doesn’t seem to appear out of place as it is nested in a div with class global-error suggesting that the message has come through some sort of error messaging system for the site itself.


Looks like someone will be getting the stick the next time LinkedIn reviews the code. It goes to show that even giant teams with multiple review processes can miss issues on large projects and this highlights the importance of multiple testing procedures. You can see the error for yourself at 


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