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Hyper Joomla

Making your Joomla! web faster


Joomla! is a beautiful component, it is robust, expansive and well supported. But what happens when your Joomla site grows too big or you amass a lot of components, the site no longer has that new installation feeling, or you simply want it to go that extra bit faster. Well this is when this article will help you figure out what to do.


These are some of the things that we do everyday, to ensure our site and our clients sites are running at tip top condition everyday.

Tutorial Section

We have been working a lot on the all new tutorial section at Digitisz Limited. This section will allow our users to browse through articles countles of them learning how they can do things with the software that we provide them. It will contain an in-depth look at some CMS and some tutorials will be uploaded as well. You will also see a lot of content from out Videos gallery which will be getting video posts.

Whatever Their Browser

There are so many different browsers our there that most people today are concerned that the websites they design may not be compatible with the website that their potential clients are using.


We say, buy from us, we use the latest technologies and we ensure that they are W3C Standards Compliant. This means that most of the browsers can translate the coding behind the web page to give you a similar look and feel no matter what browser you are using.