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See you in 2014

Happy New Year


2013 is running out fast and it has been one hell of a yeah. Amazing things have happened with the company and we have learned new things and have improved on older ones. In 2013, we took on jobs that took us out of our comfort zone and we offered savings that have helped many customers like yourself get ahead with their business and we want to do the same in 2014.

Our business is growing in size and revenue and we will be publishing our accounts soon. One thing we have learned from all of this is that our clients are the life blood of our business and to make their business profitable online has become our main priority.

We now offer over 20 products and services all ranging from simple websites to packaged deals for events and corporations. We intend to end the year on a high and begin the next with a blast. If you are a business owner and you do not have a website then we can help you in 2014 get ahead of the curve. Start your new year with something different, no matter your industry, we have a solution for you.

To all our customers and investors we say; Thank you and Happy New Year!!!

Free Scripts in PHP

We are offering free scripts in PHP for you to improve your website with. Our Projects in PHP series will include a bunch of scripts that are beautiful and will go great with any website.

Our first program is out already.

Download a free UK Income Tax Calculator. Works great looks great. 

calc image

Plus it's free. More programs will be added in the coming weeks.

Download Code

The new TLDs are coming

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New Domains. New Opportunities.

Starting 2013, new domain extensions, or TLDs, will change how the world uses the Web. People will have the option of choosing memorable and intuitive domain names specific to their online ventures. New TLDs help consumers know what to expect from the websites they visit, making it easier to find sites relevant to them.

New TLDs are Kind of a Big Deal

New TLDs are the future of the Internet. Your business needs to make the leap or be left behind. Major players like Google, Amazon and even brands like Ferrari are investing in the success of new TLDs. With consumers being exposed to more than 1,000 TLDs in 2013, they’ll want their own descriptive and memorable domain name for their website.

Build Your Own Watchlist

Track the new TLDs and domains that interest you.

·         Receive instant updates on your list items

·         Participate in pre-launch phases like Sunrise & Landrush

·         Place domain orders from Watchlist

·         Submit Items to Watchlist FREE with no commitment

Get Started

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Build Your Watchlist

New TLDs will redefine the Internet by giving you more choice and control over your online presence. You’ll no longer have to settle for a name just because it’s the only one available.

Track the proposed new TLDs and specific domain names that matter to you with Watchlist. We’ll keep you updated as your watchlist items get closer to release, so you can be first in line when they become available.

Use Watchlist to:

·         Receive instant updates on your list items

·         Participate in pre-launch phases like Sunrise & Landrush

·         Place domain orders from Watchlist

·         Submit Items to Watchlist FREE with no commitment

Start thinking about where new TLDs will take you - build your watch list now!

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What is a TLD?

TLD stands for Top Level Domain. It's sometimes more simply referred to as the domain's extension. The most famous example is .com. So for example, in the TLD is .com. In the TLD is .net.

What is the lifecycle of a new TLD?

New TLDs will go through a typical lifecycle such as this:

Where will I go for Pre-Registration, Sunrise and other periods before Go Live?

You will be able to purchase domain names directly from Watchlist as registries begin taking orders for each TLD.

What is a TLD Application?

When a company wants to open a new TLD, they must submit a proposal to ICANN for review. The new TLD can be launched once ICANN approves the application.

What is Sunrise?

Sunrise period is the phase of a TLD launch during which only owners of trademarks may register domain names containing their owned marks.

What is Landrush?

Landrush is the phase of a TLD launch during which domain names are available for registration for non-trademark holders that wish to register generic terms like loan or car but cannot participate in the Sunrise period. Landrush comes after Sunrise but before General Availability.

What is General Availability?

General Availability is the phase of a TLD launch when domain names are publicly available for anyone to register as long as registrants adhere to the requirements established by that particular TLD’s registry.

Is there a charge to use the Watchlist?

Watchlist is FREE with no obligation or commitment. You may enter in as many domains to watch as you like. We will inform you as we update the rules for Watchlist.

How will I know what to do next?

We will update Watchlist and email you details as information becomes available for each TLD.

How will the Watchlist help me register my domain(s)?

You will be able to place orders for Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability direct from Watchlist. We’ll send you emails when we begin accepting orders so you don’t miss the chance to get the domains you want.

My Watchlist items are in Awaiting Evaluation status. What does that mean?

Applications for new TLDs in this status have been submitted but have not yet been scheduled for review by ICANN, the organization overseeing the new TLD program. The status will be updated once the evaluation of the TLD application begins.

How much will it cost to register domains in these new TLDs?

The registries have not published their pricing yet and we are only accepting Watchlist submissions, which are free and non-binding.

Do I have to buy all of the domains in my Watchlist?

Your Watchlist is an expression of interest, not a commitment to buy. You may remove items from Watchlist at any time.

When are the TLDs in the Watchlist going live?

Each proposed TLD has is pending approval by ICANN. As applications are approved, each TLD will have its own launch timeline. Watchlist will be updated as those timelines become available.

Will I be able to tell if other people have submitted any of the domains on my Watchlist?

All Watchlist entries are private to the account that submitted them.

Why can’t I add some proposed TLDs to Watchlist?

Watchlist does not accept TLDs that will not be available for public registration. Updates to Watchlist are ongoing as the status of TLDs change.

Who is ICANN?

The non-profit organization that regulates the domain naming system for the Internet. ICANN's mission is to ensure the continued stability and security of the DNS (Domain Name System).

Optimising your website

Good news. We recently installed CloudFlare on our servers to allow you to take full advantage of the benefits it provides. We are always looking for ways to ensure our clients stay online and keep visitors.

What is CloudFlare

It is a cloud optimization network that allows you to leverage the power of the cloud on your website without any programming. It optimises your website and provides you with asynchronous resources to acheive fast load times and protect your site from attack. See the video below taken from that shows you it helps your website to stay online.

We are confident that CloudFlare will boost your site and allow you to see better resuts. We have already included CloudFlare to our site, why not try it today. We even put a help article to show you how.

Why go Pro?

A lot of you might be wondering; What is all the fuss about Pro hosting. We just wanted to let you know about all the cool features it containes.

Joomla 2.5.7 Update

joomla recently released an update to Joomla 2.5. This is a security update and covers a few discovered bugs and exploits from version 2.5.6.


We recommend you upgrade immdiately!


 If we are managing your site, it will be automatically updated. Else you can update it yourself.