Why go Pro?

A lot of you might be wondering; What is all the fuss about Pro hosting. We just wanted to let you know about all the cool features it containes.
We are not saying Unlimited Hosting isn’t great, what we are saying is host smarter. Host with more power, security and confidence all in one easy to use package.

Did you just say …

Yes we did! You see we had a thought. Let’s add the power and convenience of Unlimited Hosting with even more power, throw in an SSL certificate, add SSH access plus Dedicated IP and more and sell it as one cost-effective package. And that is exactly what we did. Our HostPro package allows you to leverage the power of the server and get more out of your shared hosting environment. It’s great.

Tell me more about the features

SSL Certificate – Secure your website with SSL.
Dedicated IP – Secure feature required for working with SSL certificates
SSH – Do more with your hosting environment. Be a power user with linux commands for moving files and more.
More PHP Power – Higher PHP setup allows you to do more with your hosting. Upload and run more powerful applications
Higher bandwidth – Allow more visitors unto your site with a higher number of permitted connections and bandwidth
Change with confidence – Feel free to go beserk on your website files. After all you have yesterday’s back up waiting for you
Same excellent deal – All the above plus the amazing features of unlimited hosting and more.
Crazy price – All these for less than £200 a year. We must be mad!
What are you waiting for. Take advantage of the awesome power and speed of professional hosting.
Use this coupon to get you and additional 5% off this already insanely low price
Well, we hope that clarified things. Feel free to share and visit our store for more amazing products and services


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