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There are so many different browsers our there that most people today are concerned that the websites they design may not be compatible with the website that their potential clients are using.


We say, buy from us, we use the latest technologies and we ensure that they are {tip Find out More::The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web (abbreviated WWW or W3).}W3C Standards Compliant{/tip}. This means that most of the browsers can translate the coding behind the web page to give you a similar look and feel no matter what browser you are using.




The latest technologies out there for the internet includes JQuery, AJAX, CSS3 and HTML 5. We will only be talking about CSS3 and HTML 5 today because the advancements they have made are amazing.


css3 This awesome new sequel to the script that allows us to make your web pages beautiful comes packed with more new features including HTML 5 Support. What CSS3 does is push the boundaries on what is acceptable and it does all this by giving you simple fluid commands that you would otherwise need to code using javascript. In essence, HTML 5 and CSS 3 where designed so developers can do away with most of their javascript libraries. Fascinated? Learn More. Find out how much your browser supports CSS 3.


It offers exciting new possibilities to create an impact with your designs – CSS3.INFO

html5 If you thought your web pages looked beautiful, wait till you see them designed using HTML 5. Of course we are not saying web pages before did not look beautiful but for us the designers it was a pain. With HTML I can play and MP3 audio file off a web page as simple as I can copy and paste. Yes seriously, the level of advances packed into this one piece of coding genius is simply genius. It also supports CSS 3 and is compatible with some browsers. Okay, maybe that was a bit vague, HTML 5 has features that some browsers are compatible without and others aren’t. Worried you are missing out on all the fun? Find out how well your browser does or read on for our recommendations.



A better browser

Get a compatible browser. With the new technologies out there, we take a look at the browsers that you should really be running.


We tested 5 main browsers and you can really be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right one. We also encountered a browser we never knew existed. Find out just how well the top browsers we tested fair with these new technologies.


{slide=Google Chrome 17}

gchromelogo When Google Chrome came on the scene it changed web browsing with its seemingly amazing ability to get web pages at lightning speed and also support a host of different web techs. We put this ontop because it is where it should be. Chrome is fast, slick, stylish and above all almost completely supports HTML 5, well in comparison to its rivals its way ahead of the game. It scored:


  • 374/475 and 13 bonus points – For HTML5
  • 55% – For CSS3.

{slide=Mozilla FireFox 11}

firefoxsmall Firefox has really grown from a small fox to a big web giant. Really! In a market where Internet explorer still remains the dominant force, Firefox browser changed the way the web was viewed and its robust design and use of the machines capabilities to run services make it both good and potentially evil. Especially when you begin running lots of tabs. Anyway to business. 


Firefox scored:

  • 335/475 and 9 bonus points out of a possible 15 – For HTML5
  • It faired slightly worse compared to Chrome when it came to CSS3 though with a score of 53% – For CSS3



{slide=Internet Explorer 9}

ie9Microsoft have really been hurt in the browser war. There was a time when it was all about Microsoft but as ordinary humans began developing and realised they sometimes needed to make a CSS twice because of IE seemingly stubborn compatability issues, and as new browsers emerged and older ones became wiser IE is disliked. To put it lightly. But has things changed?


  • IE scored 141 and 5 bonus points – For HTML5
  • It also scored 33% – For CSS3.
I guess the answer is no and we still need to wait for sometime for Microsoft to get their acts together. It does have some good points to it though, like using your graphics card to make the graphics on the web page appear sharper.

{slide=Opera 11.62}

operaOpera, well not much to say really, Opera is not featured much in the talks although the browser is packed to the hilt with features if you get addicted to you may not be able to live without. Like the ability to turn your computer to a website from the browser. Damn, that browser got game. Does it have HTML5 or CSS3 game though?


  • It scored 329 with 9 bonus points – For HTML5
  • 50% of all CSS3 features are supported by Opera – For CSS3.
Well, perhaps it might have game, maybe. It definitely is better than IE9. At least the company can take heart in learning that I enjoy using their browsers on my mobile device. It just seems more functional.

{slide=Apple Safari 5.15}

 safari What does Apple have going for them. Everything it seems. They are even worth more money than Microsoft that is if anybody in their right mind will pull out the funds to buy the company outright. But really, Apple has it going for them, they make great MP3 players, beautiful laptops, functional operating systems(these have come a long way) and even a web browser that makes IE look like a 3 year old in his spare time thought it up. Safari, is great. It has really good functionality and is simple to use. What’s more, it does not take as much resources as some browsers. What about HTML5? Let’s find out:


  • 301 and 9 bonus points – Fot HTML5
  • 52% – For CSS3
Erm, I don’t know about you but I think Apple might be reaching their browsing limits excuse the pun. Yet, take a look at their website and its is packed full with these very technologies we are talking about. In fact, Apple website is simply inspirational and a work of art like many of their products. If you like to read definitely get this because it has a feature that somehow deletes all the graphics from a page and allows you to concentrate on the text from an article. Simple.

{slide=Maxthon 3.36}

maxthon Until the time of writing this article, I had never heard of Maxthon. Well I do now and I really am going to put it under the knife to see how it fairs. It might even be my new browser. But before any statistic, no wait, see for yourself!


  • 382 and 15/15 bonus points – For HTML5
  • 55% – For CSS3
Okay as I was saying, It wins outright. A browser I have never heard of thrumps the likes of Google and Firefox to the pole position for HTML 5 Support. We say a job well done to the developers.



To learn more about HTML5 and CSS3, go to


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