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Joomla! is a beautiful component, it is robust, expansive and well supported. But what happens when your Joomla site grows too big or you amass a lot of components, the site no longer has that new installation feeling, or you simply want it to go that extra bit faster. Well this is when this article will help you figure out what to do.


These are some of the things that we do everyday, to ensure our site and our clients sites are running at tip top condition everyday.

    1. Disable any unnecessary plugins:
      You may not believe it, but this is by far has the biggest impact on your Joomla! sites. Every new plugins comes with it’s own set of javascripts and it’s own set of codes and hacks. Imagine having hundreds of these running at the same time and believe me, if your site is to have any ambtion you will end up running hundreds of plugins.
    2. Order your plugins correctly:
      Sounds silly, yes so we thought, but after ordering  our plugins individually one after the other, we realise that the site ran much quicker than when we had hundreds all loading at “once”. It is painstakingly slow and you may want to have more than one person doing this but the results surely do pay off. Also make sure you keep your SEO and Cache plugins at the very bottom.
    3. Lazy load content:
      This may be a new term for many of you reading this article, but lazy loading is one of the best ways to ensure your site remains fast while saving you bandwidth and of course money in return. For those who do not know, lazy load in plain terms means ‘loading when needed’. For example, if you had an image gallery where your some images where hidden behind the scroll line, you may want those images not to show until the user scrolls to them. If the user never scrolls, they never load meaning you save bandwidth trying to pull those images. It can be a bit difficult to implement especially for newbies. You can try
      http://www.pbwebdev.com.au/blog/lazy-loader-plugin-for-joomla#download: For Joomla! 1.5
      http://joomla-extensions.kubik-rubik.de/downloads/llfj-lazy-load-for-joomla: For Joomla! 2.5
    4. Cache, Cache, Cache:
      Caching is one big method of ensuring your Joomla! website runs fast for your users. What does it mean to cache, it means that part of your website that mostly stays the same is stored on your users computer. This makes your website faster by serving up those parts from the users machine and because they are loaded locally, it seems to the user as though your site is loading superfast when indeed the are only loading copies from their machine. This also saves you bandwidth.
    5. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN):
      Use a CDN to deliver static content. Using a CDN eases the load on your server by serving static content from other nodes across the world. These contents are served relatively faster and it drastically eases the load on your server and processes.  
      We recommend:
      <a href=”http://tracking.maxcdn.com/c/33235/10418/378″>
          <img src=”http://adn.impactradius.com/display-ad/378-10418″ alt=”Content Delivery Network”/>
      <img height=”1″ width=”1″ src=”http://tracking.maxcdn.com/i/33235/10418/378″ />

Discover what more you can do to ensure that your site stays in tip top condition and you are not losing visitors through slow loading times

A while back, we stumbled across GTMetrix a site that can tell you just how flawed your website is. It changed the way we did everything and also drstically changed our emphasis on site creation and SEO. Try it for yourself today and see just how falwed your site is and how you compare to some of the big boys.



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