Happy Birthday Google


Google the search engine giant and the most pronounced word of the last decade is 14 today. The company as usual has followed tradition to create a doodle for it’s 14th birthday.


Google started is root as a simple web crawler and has soon gone on to become one of the most valuable technology company in the world. These days they do a lot more than allow people to search the web, the company recently diverted it’s attention to social media and it outfit Google+ is reportedly said to have over 500 million members in less than 12 months. Google+ has also been integrated with Google search to provide customised search results of people, pages and companies.

Google has been under a lot of scrutiny because of the way they have handled user’s data and have been subject to hefty fines and lawsuits.

Whatever it is, do join us in celebrating Google’s achievements today. You can see their complete doodle on the website

birthday google2


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