Our hosting services are excellent for any type of website. Launch a magazine, start a blog, run a shop or put your business on the map. Regardless of what your next web project is, our web hosting have you covered.

Easy Apps • Easy Apps • Secure Hosting • Zero Contracts

Why choose us? 


lampOur server’s are built with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. We regularly update our software and services to ensure we are running the latest and most secure versions of the applications we host your site on. 
Apache is a secure web hosting server application that runs on the Linux operating system. We run MySQL database systems and fully support PHP CGI and PERL extensions plus many more. 


install-appsEasily install many popular applications including Joomla!®, WordPress®, Drupal® and many more to your hosting account. Our installation system downloads the necessary files and deploys the database automagically.
All you have to do is sit back, customise your installation and click.


server-secureOur servers are tested daily with antivirus and anti-hacking tools and software. We take security seriously that is why we always advise you get SSL security for sensitive parts of your website as we have done for ours.
Take advantage of the range of security options we have in store. Browse and host with confidence. We don’t think you will get affected through a fault of our own, but if you do we work quickly to isolate and remedy the problem.


no-contractAbsolutely none! We do not believe in contracts so we do not tie you to any. You are free to cancel at anytime and you will receive a refund for the time you have left on your contratc no questions asked. What’s more, if you cancel within 30 days, you get your money back.

Although we do not believe you will find any reason to cancel.