Yosemite! A total catastrophe!

Promise Ekoriko


The last time I experienced an operating system so problematic was back in 2007, when Microsoft unveiled the new operating system. For those who aren’t following, that would be the abysmal Windows Vista.

Fast forward 7 years and Apple release OSX 10.10 affectionately known as Yosemite and I can’t help but have the exact same feelings I had after I installed that shiny new operating system on my machine 7 years ago. BIG mistake !

BIG Mistake! That is exactly what I am saying to myself right now as the catalogue of problems are just too much for something that should be making your life easier.

A staff at a client firm recently decided to update their machines to Yosemite obviously attracted by the clean design and hype around it. This is where the problems started. Despite one of the Macs that were updated recently just been taken out of the box, immedaitely after the upgrade, it refused to start. Multiple restarts and NVRAM clearing later, it staggered to a slow start.

This was one of the first signs that this is a release of an OS akin to the release of Vista. Naively, thinking this was an isolated incident because the other machines started alright, as the systems administrator, I get a call a few days later; this time, the problem happens after one of the machines go to sleep. When you try to wake it up, it just freezes with a black screen and a mouse that is responsive but nothing else. Only a hard reset with clearing the NVRAM would work.

The machines are all connected via a server, and where I must admit server browsing is faster than when the machines where on Mavericks, server access is a massive pain.

In my genius, I decided to upgrade my Macbook pro to the same operating system, BIG mistake! Exactly the same issues, slow start up, sometimes no start up. Today, the machine refused to start for 2 hours. My only solution was to hold the power button for over a minute while shutting it down before it finally rebooted. Did I even mention the WiFi problems?

For those thinking, “it’s just you”. No it’s not, after searching through the forums, other websites like macforums, I know this is not an isolated incident but a travesty.

Why would Apple release something that is not ready, did they not learn from Microsoft’s mistake? If you are not as patient as me and believe there is a fix for everything, the folks over at Gizmodo put together an article on how to fix some of the worst offenders in Yosemite.

As for me, I have gone through it once with Vista, I am resetting the machine as we speak and downgrading it to Mavericks. It might not look as nice, but it works!


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