The death of the HDD is coming!

Promise Ekoriko


There was a time when floppy disks was all the bomb. Wait. What I’m I talking about, that was just a few years ago. I remember because I also had one of those boxes that ran Windows 95 and used floppy for storage.

b2ap3 thumbnail floppyI always wanted to try the ZIP disks; after all, they had 25MB of storage and they seemed to last even longer. Forward a few years, and floppy drives are all but a thing of the past having been replaced by USBs and even tinier MicroSD cards that can hold more storage than my e-machines PC.

The tides of change have come around again and this time, internal storage is under fire. The 50 year old hard drive is about to go out of fashion despite ever increasing storage capacity. 

Solid State drives or SSDs have become the buzz lately and despite earlier worries about high price tags and low storage capacity, an increasing amount of people are moving over to the new thing.

b2ap3_thumbnail_mbaface-080211-1.gifThe SSDs offer many advantages over the traditional HDD. The most obvious one is the speed. I am going to use a car comparison in this case because it seems appropriate. Imagine, a race between a Ford focus with vibration problems and a perfectly tuned Lambourghini Aventandor. It’s a no brainer right? Of course it is! Well that’s how fast the SSD is.

Infact, if it came down to spending £300 on a brand new processor or upgrading your hard drive to an SSD, I will pick the SSD anyday and so should you. Studies have found that the difference or for those analyst out there, the cost/benefit is much lower in terms of performance with an SSD that with the latest Intel Core i7 processor.

Check out the video below

The HDD does have something going for it though and that is the fact that it still outclasses the SSD in capacity something that makes a lot of people reluctant to switch and it also has the best cost/MB when compared to an SSD. If you are happy to fork out the cost of a new laptop however, you can pick up a Samsung SSD at 1TB for about £300. Which is considerably cheap because two years ago 256GB would have cost you the same amount.

If you are satisfied with waiting sub  minute for your PC to load, then stick with the HDD but you have been told. It is only a matter of time before SSDs become the standard in computing. I mean think about it, if someone a few years ago told you that a card even smaller than you phone’s SIM card could hold 64GB you wouldn’t call them crazy.

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