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5 Cool shortcuts you didn't know existed in Windows 8/8.1

5 Cool shortcuts you didn't know existed in Windows 8/8.1

Windows 8/8.1 has been one of the most controversial operating systems to date. Well, depending on what part of the fence you are standing on. Many love it, others don't, just as much don't understand the whole Metro UI thing and the rest well, we will leave that for another day.

If you are among the many that hold Windows 8 in high esteem, here are 5 shortcuts you wished you always knew about.

  1. Wiz through those apps. The Windows key has been given a lot more power in Windows 8. Pressing the Windows logo key and full stop (.) will allow you to cycle through open apps. Easily!
  2. Harness the power of a Microsoft mice. Ever seen those cool things Mac users do by swiping three fingers up on the Magic Mouse? Well you can do it too. Simply click the middle button on a Microsoft mice and get this ...
    open apps
  3. Share it fast! Seen something you like? You can quickly open the share charm by pressing Windows logo key + H.
  4. Lazy? In bed? Need to magnify? Well its now a lot easier to bring up the magnifier in Windows 8. Simply press Windows logo key and Plus(+) and watch the magic happen. I use this when I need to read an email with my wireless keyboard and mouse. You get the drift.
  5. Since we are on the topic of ease of access, pressing Windows logo key + U brings up the Ease of Access center. From here you can control everything from magnification to the built in Narrator.

And there you have it. Five absolutely vital shortcuts you probably didn't know about. What is your favourite shortcut in Windows 8? Comments below.

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