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Microsoft just took it to 100. Google is still finding it's feet.

Microsoft just took it to 100. Google is still finding it's feet.

About three years ago, Google unveiled project Glass, a wearable computer that can be interacted with using voice commands and displays the requested information to the wearer. Glass was awesome, it provided a new way to do computers, a new hands free way to communicate and share life images, as you see it.

Last week however, what was meant to be a simple unveiling of the upgrade to Windows 8 (Windows 10) turned out to be a lot more interesting than anticipated. Turns out, the Redmond based has been secretly working on a VR (virtual reality) product that takes holograms to a whole new level, if the demo and video is anything to go by.

A lot of people might be asking; isn't this this the same as Oculus VR. Well, the answer is no, because unlike Oculus, HoloLens does not completely take you away from reality, just like glass, it does however allow you to transform surfaces, fusing virtual and real world seamlessly.

Despite having a three year head start, Google project glass seems to have lost traction and it doesn't seem to have produced the sort of interaction it once promised and not a lot of people have adopted it as Google would have liked. Google still has its niche, however since I do not see people walking around with HoloLens anytime soon.

Despite this, Microsoft has truly changed the wearable and VR computing space and developed something that could hail a new era in communication, design and education. And they aren't done. I wonder what else Microsoft has in store for us with Windows 10 and HoloLens.

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