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UPDATE: Back Again

UPDATE: Back Again

Time for an update! 

The blog has been a bit dormant over the last couple of months however this doesn't mean I have. University exams have had my attention the last month or so but I have still been working so get ready for an explosion of progress.

I’m very excited to share what I've been doing and my plans for the future months. This will truly be a summer of animation!

Here is a small preview:

Camera Based Motion Capture:
This is something I have aimed to achieve since the beginning and I'm excited to show you my progress.


Destruction Simulation:
Dynamic destruction capable in 3dsMax

660-banner 1280

3d Printing:
One of the best technological developments recently is the rise of the 3d printer. I am proud to say that one be freely available here at GX5 and I am very excited to play with it. The possibilities are endless from iPhone cases to stop motion armatures and I can't wait to show you what I create.



So watch this space over the summer for more updates!

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