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We will soon have to pay for privacy?

We will soon have to pay for privacy?

As the winds of change shifts one more time with the rate of change of information flow, a new trend is beginning to emerge. As members of a fast paced social media and smart phone world, we are constantly releasing more information about ourselves than we would normally share with a wandering stranger.

b2ap3_thumbnail_phone-dimensions.pngNow adays, everything is analysed, sleep time, wake time, what apps we use the most, how long do we spend on Facebook or Twitter or G+. It seems we cannot browse our favourite social networks without giving away so much information about ourselves. Facebook was recently outted for performing a wide scale pyschology experiment on some members of the social network.

Then comes a company whose business model is based on protecting smart phone users from what is beginning to seem like a never ending suivallance world. SGP a joint venture between Silent and GeekPhones just recently released a privacy and security focused smart phone called the BlackPhone. This is the first glimpse of what it would look like when we start paying for privacy with the phone retailing at £367.79($629) minus any import fees.

It seems again the state of the internet has created yet another completely different industry and companies are thriving. There is the Tor Browser the firefox based web browser by the Torproject provide a semi private internet and also Black phone by Boeing that promises secure communication and modularity.

If privacy and security is on your mind and you also don't mind the price tag, you can be sure to pick up one of these security enhanced smart phones and return back to the days when your information was truly yours.

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