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An Introduction

An Introduction

Hey there! This first blog post is the first of many showing my progress as a 3D artist. If you are interested in seeing how 3d animation is made, want to learn or just want to support me, then please subscribe!

Who Am I?

My name is Will E. Buckley and I'm from London, England. Currently I am studying Psychology at Royal Holloway,University of London but have always wanted to be an animator. I am now teaching myself all the skills required to achieve that.





  • To share my work
  • To teach others who also want to learn
  • To get some experience as a professional

    Look forward to seeing updates, animated shorts, tutorials and more! Over time, I’m hoping that this blog will become a good demonstration of what I can do and will also serve as a place where others can learn and share!

    Please follow me on Twitter.
    Subscribe to me on YouTube (no videos as of this date, but there will be very soon)

    You can also contact me at 

    Thanks for your support,

    Will E. Buckley

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