About Us

We want to see as many businesses online as possible and we aim to help any business to get online in any way we can.


Business and individuals are becoming more and more reliant on computer systems to help them with almost everything. Mobile phones, personal computers, PDAs all have direct impact on our lives and businesses. Television is now getting smarter as the internet is expanding and more robust to support businesses running fully from it. GX5 | Services aims to simplify technology services for our home users and help business incorporate the latest technologies into their businesses. Our website is easy, fast and available to anyone on a computer and allows you to order majority of our services. For those our services that cannot be sold online, we provide a facility where you can e-mail us from the site.


We offer core services to help businesses to make the most of the internet and to help get their businesses off the ground and their business ideas in full flow. The internet is a financial haven for some industries and we know every part of it like the computer we wrote this from. We do not only offer internet services, we offer other services that are robust and are suited for home and business customers.


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