Ebay Cover Photos

Ebay recently launched a new redesign to their user profiles which included a cover-photo offering. Customers of the bidding site are now able to beautify their pages with a cover photo that stands as a statement about what them or their store is about. 


We believe that this is a fantastic addition to the site and will bring it in line with other networks which are looking to form a more social presence as opposed to just a buying and selling site.

Ebay currently lists anything from the hotest mobile phones to the latest fashion statements and some people are able to strike a bargain by bagging these items for less than the actual RRP.

If you are thinking of getting a cover photo for your ebay account soon you will be glad to know that we are offering designs of this feature for an unbeatable introductory rate of £40. That is a massive 50% off what we are going to be selling this for in the near future.

The cover photos will be designed to the specs on they ebay site and if you wanted, we could even throw in a profile picture to match. Just use promo code COVERMEUP at the checkout.

Ebay is currently trading at $52 with a market cap of just over $39 billion.