iPhone 5 out

iphone5-front-back iPhone 5 Apple's latest installment to its flagship products has hit the market after a relatively flawless launch at the Apple campus. The new phone features a lot of the old features we have come to see with the iPhone 4S except one major difference, it has a 4" screen. It's lack of NFC which can allow people to pay for items using their mobile phone has also been played down as Apple said that they have a more viable alternative that is more widely used. Apple has said that the item will go on sale for around $600 and it is the most beautiful product we have ever designed.


The size of the screen allows the phone to have another layer of apps on the screen allowing you to fit more. The resolution has also been upgraded to full retina display and it now has a natural 16:9 aspect ratio. Apple has also said that the new device will be able to support the new 4G networks which will be available in the UK from october on the newly formed EverythingEverywhere(EE) network. The question now is, can you justify the price tag?


The most beautiful product we have ever designed - Apple CEO