How to create secure passwords

Creating a secure working environment is a good way to ensure data security and integrity. Making sure that the programs and workspaces you use are well secured can also help to ensure the safety of other people's accounts and security. So here are some tips to ensure that you keeping your passwords strong and secure.




  1. Make your passwords longer: 6-7 lengths should be long enough. It would take longer to crack a password of 6 lengths than it would to crack that of five. The time taken increases significantly with every length added on. If you can make it longer and remember it, go for it!
  2. Mix and Match: Alpha-numeric/symbolic passwords are good. In fact they are great. The fact is simple, there are more symbols that there are letters and 0-9 combined. Just think about it!
  3. Definitely not the name: Using your name for password is the same is challenging someone to guess that the small letter of A is a. If someone was to attack your password they would first go for names and common names. So do your best to avoid using names for your passwords.
  4. Remember it: What is the point of making a password you cannot remember. You will just need to change it again. Sometimes it can be hard to make your password secure and remember it.
  5. Don't share it: sounds silly, yes but don't share your password so easily. People can access your account if they know your password. Don't store it in files accessible from by a lot of people and certainly avoid group accounts with the same password. The reason is, if someone damages something then you just don't know who it is.