Tutorial Section

We have been working a lot on the all new tutorial section at Digitisz Limited. This section will allow our users to browse through articles countles of them learning how they can do things with the software that we provide them. It will contain an in-depth look at some CMS and some tutorials will be uploaded as well. You will also see a lot of content from out Videos gallery which will be getting video posts.


It is all very easy running a forum, but when individuals need answers the quicker the better. With the new system, individuals will be able to learn how to do basic actions like post in Wordpress or use the image uploader in JCE contents. This will be a support service open to all although some tutorials will be witheld to a few.


It will be free. A majority of the site will be free to everyone. Some sections will be locked to only people who have purchased an item from us and other sections will require certain subscriptions


The new system will be ready before February 2012.


To learn more or to get involved, you can e-mail us at